The Museum On Liberation Square

July 5, 2011

A very topical take on art and politics – big, bold, questioning and often surprisingly hilarious.

The National Museum of Egypt stands on Tahrir Square in Cairo, where the revolution was played out – the pharaonic past witnessing the turmoil of the present, as young people fought to forge a new future.

It is possibly the most precious museum in the world, with its dust-covered collection of thousands upon thousands of ancient antiquities. It was caught up in the revolution on the Square: its precious cargo was looted; young revolutionaries formed a cordon around it to protect it. More darkly, young revolutionaries were seized and taken into the museum by the army.

The film sees the current conflict through the lens of the museum, the lens of Egypt’s history. Omar Sharif, novelist Ahdaf Soueif and younger activists reflect on how Egypt’s past may influence its future – for the good.

Time Out


  • Grierson Award 2012 – Selected
  • International Emmy – Selected


Executive Producer Andrea Miller
Producer/Director Jill Nicholls
Series Presenter and Editor Alan Yentob
Assistant Producer Luke McMahon
Film Editor Peter Lindley
Cinematography Daniel Meyers