Peter Pan, a Hard Act to Follow

October 17, 2006

As an official sequel to JM Barrie’s classic is published, this film considers why Peter Pan has such enduring, mythic power.

We go in search of the real JM Barrie, visiting the remote Scottish island of Eilean Shona where he climbed the hills with the boys who inspired his fiction, his very modest birthplace in Kirriemuir near Dundee, Black Lake in Surrey where he played with ‘his boys’ and Kensington Gardens, where Peter Pan was born, and never died. We talk to Diane Purkiss, author of Troublesome Things, about the meaning and power of Pan.


‘terrific first film in a new series of Imagine’
Financial Times

‘a fascinating and provocative programme’


Producer/Director Jill Nicholls
Series Editor/Presenter Alan Yentob
Film Editor Peter Lindley
Cinematography Daniel Meyers