How Music Makes Us Feel

November 28, 2012

Why do people turn to music when words are not enough: at funerals and weddings, at times of heartbreak and euphoria? Music seems to hold more emotion and to go deeper than words.

Small babies are filmed kicking and dancing to a rhythm – is it the beat of their mother’s heart that they recognise, the basic rhythm of walking? We see old people with Alzheimer’s brought forth from silence by the power of music. Wagner’s Rheingold, Laurie Anderson’s O Superman call up sound from the depths and heights.

The film weaves together a vicar, an adman and musicians as varied as Emeli Sande, Jessye Norman, dubstep’s Mala and modern classical composer George Benjamin to explain how music makes them feel and why they think it goes so deep.

Sunday Times

‘enjoyably wide-ranging’
The Telegraph

‘superbly researched’
The Observer



Producer/Director Jill Nicholls
Series Editor and Presenter Alan Yentob
Researcher David Tshulak
Film Editor Allen Charlton